This is a timeline for Leisure Suit Larry: Wet Dreams Don't Dry by Assembly Games.


East India Vending Machine Company
Leftie Niederelz emigrated to Lost Wages in 1887.
Larry is born.
Graham Cracker is born.
Larry Laffer (38) travels to Lost Wages to lose his virginity and find true love. He meets Eve and has a one night stand.
July 5 Ball Street Journal.
Soon after he is pulled to the future (21st century).
Queef loses its main singer, and still looking for a new one.
Larry wakes up in labatory/factory in the 21st century.


  • WDDD is said to take place after LSL1 and before LSL2 (IE. between the one night stand and when he tracked Eve back to her house, and tried to move into her house).
  • Presumably its a sequel to both Reloaded and 1987 version of LSL1 rather than the VGA remake. For example there is 8-bit painting in Lefty's. However some elements do seem to be taken from the VGA remake including the dead pimps design inspiration. Arguably Lefty’s design might be based on Lefty from Reloaded. However his backstory doesn’t appear to have anything to do with Freddy Pharkas this time around. See Reloaded timeline.
  • Larry mentions remembering being in a bed with a beautiful woman. He thinks at first she had left him he says 'typical'. As he fumbles about in the dark he calls out, "Babe" this doesn't appear to be Eve.
  • Larry calculates his age as 69. Doing the math this means he was 38 during LSL1 same age he was kicked out of his mother’s house. the Prune guys put his age around 39 which may be accuratre assuming the game takes place after Larry 1 and he just turned 39.
  • New Lost Wages has been reinterpreted to be a ocean side city (and what looks to be a volcanic tropical island in distance inspired by Nontoonyt), rather than in Nevada. Now assuming CA hasn’t fallen into the sea, or Larry has went to future if a parallel universe, or this is pure creative license. According to Al Lowe Lost Wages was in Nevada.
  • The July 5 Ball Street Journal issue would seems to correspond to one month after the June 1987 date given in Larry Reloaded for events of LSL1 (though clearly the environment of the bathroom is more inspired by Larry AGI, but not quite the same location). It obviously ignores the "October" date referenced in LSL1VGA.
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