Uncle Snuffy (Laffer? Lovage?) is one of Larry Lovage's uncles. He appears to be a member of the Laffer side of the family based on his appearance.


Larry Lovage always thought him to be nice as he bought him ice cream one time. He was arrested for making illegal snuff films. His arrest likely gave the snuff film industry a black eye.

He is in prison and having trouble coming up with the bail money. Due to the fact that snuff films are illegal, and he set up a rather obstentatios shop on Main Street Walnut Log, and advertising on television. Some believe he may have wanted to get caught.

His shop Uncle Snuffy's is closed pending further investigation.

Behind the scenesEdit

If he is a laffer, this would seem to make him one of Larry Laffer's other brothers.

If he is a lovage, it would seem perhaps Lovage and Laffer families are more closely related in some way... Incest, lots of intermarriage?

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