Uma Yasmine is the host of that Swingles dating show that’s filming on campus. If one can impress her enough times with proof of their various conquests, she just might let him in on the show.

Despite being at the top of the woman Larry Lovage has to impress, Uma is not one of the major conquests. She however is the gateway to getting to the three major conquests in the game. There is an additional interaction with her once Larry chooses one of the three girls allowing him to play an additional mini-game with her. But this does not lead to any special ending. Throughout the game Larry mentions that Uma looks familiar. It’s not until later in the game with her leads to Larry realizing that she starred in the porno “Terms of Enrearment” as a French Maid. Initially she kept denying it but ended up confessing (and threatening Larry) to it. Despite her usual snarkiness to Larry, she did appreciate his admiration for her acting... even though it was only for a brief moment.

She tends to be snarky

Behind the scenesEdit

Uma is voiced by Michele Greco.
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