Random-generated headline from The Laffer Utilities

The term "transsexual" rarely appears in the Leisure Suit Larry games. It does appear in Larry Lovage games & Laffer Utilities as butt of several jokes with little context.


Larry Laffer sits in Lefty's Too reading personal ads and doesn't know what 'bicurious' or 'transsexual' means.[1]

Transsexual is a random word in the Headline Generator in Laffer Utillities.

Larry Lovage has an option to make reference to 'transsexuals' during some of his conversation mini-games. He also makes reference to sex change operations among transsexuals, as well as referencing "Transsexual Rights" bills in the government.


Behind the scenes

These games were released long before terms such as 'transgender' or 'transwoman' were used publically, or became popular.

As Webster Defines the term:

of, relating to, or being a person whose gender identity is opposite the sex the person had or was identified as having at birth

Some define it to be those who physically 'transition' from one sex to another, by chemical or surgical procedures, usually permanent and irreversible.

It's never specified but Koko might be a transsexual, or a Transvestite with homosexual lifestyle/fetish. However, the game tries to make it out to be a 'homosexual' experience. The jokes tend to stick to the outdated trope of situation being 'gay', and is likely another reference to The Crying Game.

Behind the scenes

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