"Tramp's Casino, eh? It's a great place--if you like gambling!"
Bobbi Bahng
Tramp Casino
Tramp's Casino (777 High Roller Drive, Atlantic City) is Found at on the Tramp Boardwalk, adjacent to a restaurant serving dead cow.

It is a perfect example of the style of architecture exemplified by Frank Lloyd Wrong. The interior represents tasteless luxuriant opulent detritus, with a polymer chandelier, and faux marble statues and paintings. There are roulettes, blackjack tables and video slot machines. Gambling works with Silver Dollars.

Inside, there is a concert hall with events like `Tramp This! Wet T-Shirt Contest' (participating Jennifer Jiggle) and 'Tramp This! Mud Night Madness' mud wrestling contest (participating Lana Luscious).

Employees were Cheri, Brewster the Doorman, the Bouncer .

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