Larry Cruise

Larry winning the cruise in T.D.C.

The Dating Connection is a dating show produced by KROD and hosted by Biff Barf. A bachelorette would pose two questions to 3 bachelors and then choose one among them. The winner would go a cruise with her (courtesy of Wonder Cruise Lines). The other contestants win a year's supply of armadillo polish, 20 cases of black shoe laces plus a copy of the home game.

Larry participated in such a show by accident. Mistaken for Raguka Singh Soong he contested against Davie Blair and A. P. Wire (and Barry Divine & Martens Buckholder, and Sweeten Lowe) for Barbara Bimbo. He won the cruise with her but found out that his cabin was on Deck F, number 1. That is all the way below decks, and to the rear. It gives the winner an excellent opportunity to hear all the subtle inflections of the ship's diesels.

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