The Authorized Uncensored Leisure Suit Larry Bedside Companion is a strategy guide and novelization for the early Leisure Suit Larry games published by Bantam Books in two editions; the first (released in 1990) covered Larry' 1-3, while the second (1991) added coverage of Larry 5. It was written by Peter Spear, who also authored similar books on the King's Quest and Space Quest series, and featured full-page, comic strip-style illustrations by Joe Barren and Ed Thomas.

Notionally, the book reprints the personal diaries of Larry Laffer in which he discusses his (and Patti's) adventures and elaborates on his life story.

Despite the "Uncensored" part of the title, there is very little in the book that is more risqué than is present in the actual games, although it is arguably more rife with innuendo than The Official Book Of Leisure Suit Larry.

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