This South Pacific Island is a Latino-speaking island. Strangely it was also occupied by KGB agents and henchettes of Dr. Nonookee.

Larry ended up on a beach after escaping the Love Tub and surviving weeks adrift on the high seas with nothing but his courage, perseverance and a few humble provisions; endured tropical storms, vicious winds and high seas in just a tiny lifeboat; prevailed over the surf, off-shore barrier reef, and razor-sharp coral.


The island contains a large tropical resort around a jungle. Larry first arrived to the island washed away nearby a nude beach crowded by tourists.

There is a luxurious restaurant with a lot of high costumers such as Mr. and Mrs. Rich, Mr. and Mrs. Famous, Mr. and Mrs. Gates, Mr. and Mrs. Leach, Mr. and Mrs. Williams and Larry who waited for all of them to be served before being seated at a makeshift table. The food served to Larry was lethal, but he borrowed a knife from the buffet.

Larry stumbled in a resort room, where Maria came as "a customer service representative in charge of horizontal surface consistency and custodial maintenance". There Larry got soap and matches.

The resort also contained a barber shop with a strong blond Italian barber who promised to fix his receding hairline with his oxydol which only grew his hair longer and blond. When Larry returned wearing a bikini top and bottom, the barber put body wax on him.

On the other side of the island, beyond dangerous cliffs, there is an Aeroporto, the only way out of the island. There is a direct airline to Calwa.

Behind the scenesEdit

Some hintbooks suggest the resort is not an island, but just another side of Nontoonyt Island.

In the Sierra Lounge demo audio cassette, it is referred to as Evil Island.

The island is certainly fictitious and represents generic geographical knowledge, but taking into account its being a Hispanic-speaking island in the South Pacific, some real-life analogues can be made; Galapagos are in the central Pacific and belong to Ecuador. Easter Island, which belongs to Chile, is perhaps the most important of the few Hispanic-speaking south Pacific islands. However since there aren't any polynesian cultural elements in the game, it's obvious that the designers didn't have specifically Easter Island in mind.

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