Larry and Silar
Silas Scruemall is a pornography businessman. His early works were Willy's Wonka and the Chocolate Fantasy, Pervertigo, When Buns Collide, It's a Wanda-full Life. Publications were tasteless but were nicely bound, such s Dog, Melon & Basket World, Twins on Fire, Redhot Mamas and Redhot Twin Mamas on Fire.

Some of his features were shown during Playspy's semi-annual Pornography Briefing Sessions.

Recently, thinking that with the coming of Cable TV pornography was a dead-end job without money, he went into network TV, becoming President, CEO, CFO, CTO, COO, Chairman of the Board, Executive Producer of PornProdCorp.

He promised Larry Laffer a big promotion: perhaps even to Assistant Associate Director.

Eventually the contest, including Larry's work to audition the finalists, was for nothing, since producer Silas Scruemall decided to "simplify the audition process" by magnanimously awarding the show's hostess gig to his current girlfriend.

Scruemall Hall was named after him.

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