Sierra World Workship-EGA

The Sierra World Workshop is an underground factory that repairs fallen Sierra heroes for their next adventure. Their work is what happens when the player presses "restart".[1]

Description (AGI)Edit

The following deaths bring Larry to this area:

  • Telling the taxi driver to go "home"
  • Getting beat up by the thug in the dark alley

Larry's body is brought down and recycled for future games. Commander Cavin assembles a replacement Larry while subordinates repair other damaged Sierra heroes. Once Larry is reassembled, he is returned to Lost Wages.

Behind the scenesEdit

The name Sierra World Workshop comes from the LSL1EGA hintbook.

Sierra World is a reference to the classic sci-fi movie West World in which a theme park is made up realistic robots.


  1. LSL1EGA: "Now you know what we have to go through every time you press that "Restart" key."
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