Sexuality tends to be somewhat fluid in the Leisure Suit Larry series, and often treated as a matter of 'choice'.  While the player/Larry can choose a gay lifestyle in LSL6 with Gary Fairy this is played for humor and leads to a "happy ever after" 'game over'/death' screen.

Ione 'chooses'/'driven' to be a 'lesbian' after being terrified by Larry Lovage's prank. Larry Lovage attempts to 'swing gay' in order to get to Ione a second time.

Hey, you're a lesbian! Congratulations!
So, you're a dyke now, huh?
So, you switched teams, now, huh? Congratulations, the girls here must be thrilled!
College life turned her into a dyke, ohhh, oh, Lesbian Nights, oh well oh well oh well oh HUH!  Tell me more, tell me more!
She was straight, now she turned gay, ohhh, oh, those Lesbian Nights!  Tell me more, tell me more!

Kalalau is presented as a heterosexual woman in LSL2, either becomes bisexual, or "chooses" to become a 'lesbian' in LSL3.

A LSL3 quiz makes reference to the term 'homophone' and asks what it means. One of the answers would actually fit the term 'homophobe' "one who is opposed to the gay lifestyle".

Cavaricchi Vuarnet is portrayed as a lesbian dyke, and is more interested in using Larry to find her a hot lover than have anything to do with him. But she is described as a bisexual in Larry's Casino.

LSL8 (MCL) mentions transsexuals and bisexuals.

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