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Rosella is the princess of Daventry and daughter of Graham.


Larry once met young child, Rosella in the forest of Daventry (although its not clear how he got there). She was running looking for her golden football. She came upon him, he was all dressed in white, lying on the ground clutching his head. She asked him if he had seen her football. He gave her his name and that it had fallen off Roger Wilco's timepod and hit him on the head. I thought it would have killed him if he wasn't wearing so much Dep. He told her to go away.[1]  

When she was older, she operated the barber shop in the South Pacific Island airport. She cut of all of Larry Laffer's long blonde hair, telling him it served him right for trying to compete with such a beautiful woman. Shen  then give him some hair rejuvenator, to help it grow back. She hoped Larry had been playing King's Quest IV.[2]

Larry finds the Daventry woman beautiful, but then again he finds all woman beautiful.[3]

Larry was once trapped inside of Hoyle I card games with her (and her father Graham). She was not impressed by the way Lawrence spoke of the ladies in his aquaintance, it was unseemly to her. For her only her Edgar was her true love. She would never speak of him like he speaks of his ladies. Larry thought at least rescuing her (or ladies like her) from a Dragon would be a good way to get together with woman. Rosella would once more meet Larry to play board games together.

After traveling back in time and interdimensionally at the end of LSL3 Larry and Patti encountered Rosella trying to reinact the scene of Rosella climbing a whale's tongue from King's Quest IV. Roberta Williams was directing the scene. Larry once tried to talk to her at a Sierra Christmas party.[4]

Al Lowe once interviewed Rosella during a long distance call to the Kingdom of Daventry.

Rosella was once interviewed along with Larry and Patti and other citizens of Sierra about their favorite books.


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