Roberta Williams is one of the founders of Sierra On-Line.


She was a member of the Sierra adventure team. She was observing Sir Graham with a clipboard and putting him through his paces. While Larry Weissenborn worked on him.[1]

In Larry 2, Mrs. Williams and her husband are led to a table by the Maitre d' at an exclusive restaurant at a resort at a tropical paradise.

Later Larry and Patti run into her after passing through a inter-dimensional rift back to 1987. She hired Larry to work for Sierra On-line. She was directing a scene of Rosella trying to climb the whale's tongue from King's Quest IV.

Behind the scenesEdit

Although it is not mentioned in the text, one of the individuals in lab coats in LSL1EGA was apparently intended to be Roberta Wiliams. "Sir Graham is one of them, and the dragon from King’s Quest II, I think, and Roberta Williams is one of the people in the white coats."[2] However in the game besides Cavin there is only a bald and bearded old man (who appears to be wearing spectacles), and what looks like another individual with dark hair working on King Graham. According to the LSL Hintbook this is Roberta (although in the game she looks more like a man).

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