Operating on the principle of line-of-sight infrared transmission, the remote control baffles you completely.
Although it appears to do nothing, aiming it at your groin while rapidly changing channels does make you feel quite silly.

This Remote control was the only possession of the drunk man in the hall of Lefty's Bar. Larry was kind enough to offer him a glass of whiskey and the man gave him this in return.

The remote control operates the TV in the little brothel in the bar. Larry changed these channels:


The remote control is acquired differently. The drunk gives Larry a coaster instead of a remote control. When Larry finally does find a remote control, he finds it doesn't have batteries. When he finally puts the batteries inside the remote, he uses it to change the channels on the TV.

Behind the scenesEdit

Al Lowe has stated that he "wished he had come up with something better" than giving the drunk whiskey for the remote control.

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