One of Ken's punchlines in LSL1 is in reference to a rape joke.

Two nuns were traveling to town for supplies when they were accosted, robbed, and raped by two young men- As they resumed their journey, the younger nun said. "Oh. Sister! Whatever will Mother Superior say when we tell her we were raped twice on our journey to town?" The elder nun replied, "What do you mean, twice?' The younger nun said, "Well,... we are coming back this way, aren't we?

In Larry 3, rape is referenced.

"Oh, yes, Larry. That's my goal, you know: to quit show biz and move to the country to pursue my dream: slash and burn, pillage and rape agriculture!"

Larry is raped by Shablee in LSL6.

Rape is also referenced in Softporn Adventure;

The news! Today the prime rate was raised once 257%! This does not come near the record set back in 1996, when it broke the 1000% mark. The birth rate has taken a dramatic fall...this is due to the increased usage of computers as sexual partners. However, rapes of innocent people are on the increase! And who is the rapist? Computerized banking machines lead the list...followed by home computers.

There is an allusion to Larry having been raped by older boys in the shower in junior high in LSL6. There is also possibility he was molested by Mr. Bergman as well.

These two explorers were on safari out in the jungle and they got captured by a tribe of natives, who dragged them back to their village and tied them up to a stake. The chief of the tribe came up to one of them, looked him in the eye, face to face and said, "I give you a choice: death or Ki-ki." The explorer looked around and said, "I'll take Ki-ki." And the chief said, "Okay. Ki-ki." They untied him and threw him down on the ground. All the men in the tribe had sex with him, and they beat him to a bloody mess with spiked clubs. The chief went up to the other explorer, looked him in the eye and said, "I give you a choice: death or Ki-ki." And the other fellow said, "Well, are you kidding? I'll take death!" And the chief replied, "Okay. Death! ...But first: Ki-ki!

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