The PPC building with the statue of founding mother Chesty Turbo

Once PornProdCorp was a pornogaphic company owned by Julius Bigg, with Silas Scruemall as its President, CEO, CFO, CTO, COO, Chairman of the Board, Executive Producer.

It was heavily involved in X-rated movies, but since their recent IPO and entry into soft-R television, they've totally changed their image. Now they are struggling their way into respectability. By that time it had many films, television shows and artsy documentaries. One of their shows is America's Sexiest Home Videos, for which they organized The Sexiest Woman in America contest.

Their building is a "Class B Establishment" granted by the Board of Health (Contested by the Board of Good Taste!)

Larry worked as a Chief Video Tape Rewinder and Sterilizer (Betamax Division) in the Department of Video Tape Rewinding.


Genuine Engraved Plastic
Presented to PornProdCorp for their humanitarian efforts in the field of free speech and the commercial development of the steel-reinforced videotape. March 10, 1976


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