Paul paul
Paul Paul is the comedian host of the Comedy Hut. After his show, he transforms himself into a duck.


Paul Paul is the stage name of Melvin Melvin. He was born in 1964 to Marvin Melvin and Melba Malvin of Gary, Indiana. He was strange and most children weren't allowed to play with him. When he entered Gary High School at 14 he was known as "Hung-Garyan" in the locker room.

At 18 he entered the family business, Melvin's Discount Mortuary in the Downtown Gary Mall where he stayed for a half year; he started conceiving comic routines and delivered his first one during an eulogy, which cost him his position.

Having found his true calling in life, he became a night club entertainer at Oakhurst, California, making appearances in Sierra Lanes, The Caddy Shack Lounge and Oakhurst Funeral Chapel.

He apparently renamed himself to Jeff Jeff in the 2000s.


When Paul's show ends, the player gets 100 points.

It's not obligatory to watch all the jokes; when the player stands up, Paul concludes the show for Larry

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