The OT timeline is the basic timeline of the Original Larry trilogy based on games and manuals materials. This is listed here as Larry 5 apparently reset Larry's age back to 40 (or at least Larry started to lie about his age). It is assumed that Larry 1 takes place in June (as per the [[Companion Timeline) and in 1987 (corresponding to the release of the original game), though manuals and game materials may not be that specific.


Melvin's Discount Mortuary is founded.
Larry is born.
Melvin Melvin is born (later to become Paul Paul).
Larry's attire is made.[1]
Paul enters Gary High School.
Paul enters to work at Melvin's Discount Mortuary.
At 18.5 Paul began working in Oakhurst, Ca as a nightclub entertainer.
Larry (38) is kicked out of his mother's house.
Larry (40) travels to spend one day in Lost Wages, Nevada and lose his virginity.
After one night stand Larry follows Eve back to Los Angeles hoping to move in with her.
Gala premier of the The Sand Crab Room in the Nontoonyt Casino.
Larry (43) is kicked out by Kaluha, and becomes a lounge lizard again. Patti falls in love with him and chases after him.
Larry and Patti time travel back into the past, and Larry begins creating games based on his adventures.
Larry is voted most negligible bachelor by Cosmo Magazine.


  • Chef Sonni 22 years on Devil's Island.
  • The dating of Larry 2 is somewhat contradictory as manual and some details suggest that it starts the day after Larry 1, but on the other hand a line in the game says 'yesteryear' for the previous game suggesting that it takes place the following year (1988) when the game was made (this timeline goes with the manuals approach).
  • Another detail where Larry 2 manual seems to differ than the Larry 1 manual, is it seems to suggest that Larry was kicked out and took on his leisure suit one month before LSL1. Seems to suggest that he was well past his 38th birthday when he was kicked out.
  • The Hintbooks for Larry 1 and Larry 2 both state he is age 40 in the games.
  • The box for Larry 1 talks about both being kicked out at age 38, and being age 40 during the course of the game.
  • Larry 3 appears to take place in 1989, and the manual mentions 1988 in the past tense.
  • Oddly enough a dates given in "real world" Sierra Studios in LSL3 lists King's Quest IV's development between 1987-1988. Yet Larry seemingly time traveled back to before 1987 to help make his own game.


  1. You're wearing the latest in fashion. 97 (If you consider 1971 "late")!
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