Nontoonyt is a volcanic south pacific island.

Background Edit

Originally inhabited by primitive natives, covered by virgin rain forest, splashed by gurgling strams and washed by tropical rains, it was chosen as the headquarters of the evil Dr. Nonookee, who built it inside the volcano which was the sacred burial site of the natives. He installed a glacier around it and created a veil fog whenever he arrived on a helicopter. He also planted marijuana with which he controlled the native women to serve him as henchettes.

After Larry caused Nonookee's death, he was proclaimed a hero and the natives eager to shed their Stone Age lifestyle created Natives Inc. to protect their interests and develop their island. Nontoonyt became a yuppie dream, a vein of gold they could mine through tourism, they took correspondence courses in business management, public administration, sales and marketing. Learning modern construction techniques through self-help books and pirated videotapes of "This Old House" they began by building a hotel. Borrowing heavily from foreign investors they expanded into some very attractive tourist traps. However other parts of the island remained wild and undeveloped, such as the village of the Amazonian Lesbian Cannibals. ==

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