Nigel is a green haired caucasian punk thug and mugger from Lost Wages.


Nigel is known to have beaten up Larry Laffer and leaving him for dead in a dark alley near the Lefty's bar in Lost Wages. This may have happened more than once, as Larry was not too smart to learn from his mistake.

Even in Los Angeles Larry was worried about running into his friend in the alley near the Quicki-Mart.

Years later Nigel may have followed Larry Laffer from Lost Wages to Walnut Log. However the case, he made it to new city, where he sold things to Larry's nephew, Larry Lovage. He is the minion of Tilly Cruickshanks.

Behind the scenesEdit

He replaces a black thug from Leisure Suit Larry 1. Their purpose is essentially the same. Another green haired mugger (Bruiser) appears in the Reloaded universe, although its not clear if this is supposed to be Nigel or yet a new alternate interpretation of the character. The reloaded thug has short hair. Coincidently there is a green spiky haired individual inside of the Caesar's Phallus, although he is much nicer to Larry Laffer. Nigel's voice is first heard in Magna Cum Laude, performed by Tim Dadabo.

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