The Narrator is a character that exists in the original Larry games and the Reloaded games.


In most if not all the early games the narrator is Al Lowe (according to narrator self introducing itself in a few lines), but is replaced by another individual in the later speech games (Neil Ross and Brad Venable).

Not only are the narrators self aware of the fact that they are narrating a game, they directly speak to Larry on multiple occasions. Occasionally Larry acknowledges the Narrator as well. It maybe because of the Narrator that even Larry Laffer is usually aware that his universe exists within a game (he too is known to acknowledge the fact that he is in a game, and has left previous games in the past).

In Magna Cum Laude the narrator is not around, instead there is a combination of Larry Laffer giving advice to his nephew, or Larry Lovage's self-aware monologue about things around him (Larry Lovage is also aware that he exists within the Sierra World and is within a game).

Reloaded UniverseEdit

The Narrator returns and appears to be aware of Larry's continued existence in both timelines (Sierra Timeline and Reloaded universe) and his return to a Reloaded Lost Wages. He is able to read Larry's thoughts, and Larry and other characters interact with him and acknowledge his existence.

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