Morgan Freeman is one of three main conquests Larry Lovage can choose from in LSL Magna Cum Laude. She is the quientsential school nerd. She is a fan of Dungeons and Dragons, math, science, and other geeky persuits. Larry related to her on the geekiness level having many of the same nerdy interests (although he is more of a goof off and failure when it comes to academic persuits). Morgan is the choice for Larry if he is looking for a soulmate with similar personality and is looking more towards true love than pleasure or pain.

Looks Edit

She has exotic tan skin, short, bright brunette hair, and brown eyes. She wears a red sweat jacket, a pink striped tank top showing her waist, khaki pants showing her ankles, a brown belt, and pink sandals. She also has a red watch on her left wrist, two green and blue wristbands on her right hand, with two purple and yellow rings on her middle finger and a red one on her pinky, and a black and white striped neckband. And has a purple light-toned polka dotted bra and purple panties with pink edges.

Relationships Edit

Larry Lovage Edit

"Larry, that was great. You know, I never thought I'd fall for a guy like you, but I can't help myself. I think I love you, Larry Lovage."
- Morgan confess her crush on Larry after making love.
She became more comfortable and playful around Larry, when they played stripped slaps and lets him see her naked (and she sees him apparently). And when they played Dungeons and Dragons, they both playfully made it sexy and add stripping, touching and virginity to the story. And to top it all off, they pull off a prank and streak all over the quad, revealing she really doesn't mind her nudity in public. She had a good time with him, and couldn't wait to see him again at the show.

When you chose her as Swingles' finalist, he returned to Larry's dorm, where he tripped, and as he helped her up, they lovingly looked into each other's eyes, for they were soulmates. Soon as slow gentle music plays, they stripped off all their clothes till they're fully naked and romance as they passionately spend their time together hugging, holding hands, and having nice and sensual sex, and Morgan loved it. She confessed that she never thought she would fall for a guy like Larry, yet she's couldn't help it. She admits her feelings to him, and he repays her by saying, "I love you too, Morgan Freeman.". The two's relationship changed as express their similarities. They finally kiss becoming official boyfriend and girlfriend.

Trivia Edit

  • She reveals that she once had sex in one of the guard towers at the photon laser tag arena.

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