The Mother of Larry Lovage. She was married to Larry's father but he passed away some after LSL8MCL, and before LSL9BOB.


Larry Lovage's mom may be Larry Laffer's sister or half-sister (assuming her husband isn't half-brother of Larry Laffer). Her phone number is 555-6192. Larry Lovage once gave her a large cell phone she used as a vibrator, and wanted her son to call him more often after that.

She may have died at some point during BOB, as early on the game he mentions things as if she is still alive, but later he comments on something she told him once, and mentions he is still the one alive.

Western DreamscapeEdit

Mother of Western Larry Lovage (ancestor?/role of Larry Lovage) in Old Western town of Poonstone. It is unclear if some of the comments are 4th wall breaking references to the modern Mrs. Lovage or simply backstory to his western character.

She was apparently a lesbian, and she may have abandoned Larry Lovage's other mom at birth.

Her mother Grandma was said to have a dusty snatch, that smells terrible.

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