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Luba Licious is a character in Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude. She is part of the second set of girls the player can interact with.



Luba has brown hair with blonde streaks in the front. She wears a white crop-top with a red heart on the front. Her nipples are constantly visible through her shirt, despite wearing a bra.

She wears gray low-rider jeans with the strings of her thong visible, as well as platform wedges. In her loading screen shots, she wears a brown paper boy cap, but she is not see with it in-game.


Luba is Ione‘s roommate. She is also known around Walnut Log as "the town bicycle," meaning everyone has "had a ride" on her.

Larry first meets Luba at The Power Station. She recognizes him as "the kid who got banned from the laundromat." After Larry tries to explain his version of that story, Luba mentions that she can't go to the laundromat either after having sex with the janitor in one of the dryers. Luba asks to hear about times Larry has gotten off in public. He tells her that he had done so (by himself) in various places around campus. Luba states that she misses having sex in public after her last boyfriend refused to do it. Larry suggests they go fool around on the trampolines, but the pair end up just bouncing on them instead.

Back at the bar, Larry meets back up with Luba. He asks her how she is doing, and she tells him she is tired from the amazing sex she had the previous night. She talks at length about how big her recent fling's penis was and how many times they both came. Larry doesn't want to hear anymore and tries to change the subject, but Luba keeps talking about previous lovers. She finally says that in order to defuse the sexual tension between them both, they should just have sex. She asks Larry to make her a very strong drink, then afterwards, they both play quarters.

Sufficiently drunk, Luba and Larry head to the quad. He sets about taking Luba's clothes off, but they are both interrupted by the Commissar. Larry tries to get the Commissar to leave, but they are interrupted again by Officer Beazer. Russell arrives to disrupt things further, and Luba suggests the two of them return to Larry's dorm room.

In Larry's room, he and Luba are both mostly naked and about to have sex when they are interrupted by Commissar again. Then, in quick succession, Beazer, Russell, and Linus all enter Larry's room. Luba is excited to have a "five-some." Larry makes a hasty retreat out of his dorm window while the other men unzip their pants. Even though Larry didn't have any sex that night, he still got a "token of affection" from Luba in the form of a beer bong.

Later on in the game, Luba can be seen towards the end of Lesbian Ione's storyline. Ione states that she and Luba, who is bisexual, are dating. After Larry leaves their room, they briefly engage in sexual activity before Larry returns to interrupt them. Ione flees from the room and Luba passes out drunk on her bed.