The Lounge Babe is the woman in Lefty's Lounge.



She is the girlfriend of the drunk near Lefty's Rest Room. She is raven-haired woman in a blue dress. She may not be a great looker, but there are muscles in her leg.

She may be the one for whom the ring in the Rest Room was intended. She may have lost the ring in the bathroom or her boyfriend may have lost the ring there.

Larry operated at his standard level of charm, called her lovely legs, and introduced himself to her. She didn't  much care for Larry's advances. She wanted him to stop bugging her, or she would have her boy friend take care of him when he got back from the rest room (which would take a long time since he was completely wasted). She slapped him if he tried to touch her.

Behind the scenesEdit

Strangely she responds to 'blond' although she appears to be black haired. The manual for LSL1EGA refers to this character as 'Girl'.

Trying to examine (or touch/caress/aim) ankle will get a slap. Trying to caress, 'aim',  or touch woman will get a slap.

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