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In Spring 1996 (while Leisure Suit Larry 7 was still in production) Sierra and Al Lowe contemplated making a version of Leisure Suit Larry 8 that would have possibly been a live action full motion video game (similar to Phantasmagoria series, Gabriel Knight II, and Police Quest 5: SWAT).


Will Larry games go live? Or will future manifestations of the much-loved lounge lizard remain animated humorfests? That's the raging debate in the offices of Al Lowe as this issue goes to press. Although Al is still sitting on the fence on the subject of putting real meat on the bones of alter-ego Larry, he hasn't had any trouble adjusting to the idea of putting real padding on the bodies of the various babes that inhabit the Larry games. Word is that he's been holed up in his office for days now gazing at the publicity photos and talent bios for the femme fatales that might show their skins in the upcoming Larry romp. Where does Al stand on the issue of moving Larry to video? "I'm not against progress, you understand..." says Al, "I just hate change." Al is doing more changing on his new game than he admits. The background locations for his past Larry games have already given way to a totally new art style that can only be described as "photo-surrealistic." Al promises he'll let us publish actual pictures from Larry 8 in our next issue. (As long as we'll promise to give him the centerfold.)[1]

Larry 8 was tentatively forshadowed in LSL7 as both Leisure Suit Larry 8: Lust in Space and Leisure Suit Larry Explores Uranus (in the endgame teaser).

Later with the push for 3D within Sierra in 1998 (with development of King's Quest 8 and Gabriel Knight III), it was decided to turn the game into a 3D game. Other games that were to go 3D or partially 3D included Quest for Glory V, and the cancelled Space Quest 7 (which had 3D characters on 2D pre-rendered backgrounds). A 3D prerendered video clip of Larry walking up to a mic on a stage was later leaked, see Leisure Suit Larry 8 (3D)

Behind the scenes[]

It's unclear if the announcement of Larry 8 was in reference to what would become Larry 7 (although that was probably already deep into development), and they intended to skip Larry 7 numeral (as a joke in same way that Larry 4 was skipped. Meaning that games that were multiples of four would be 'lost'), or if it was a typo, and they meant Larry 7. Or if they were talking about possibility of Larry 8, way early than the release of Larry 7.

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