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Leisure Suit Larry 8, tentatively subtitled Lust in Space (as well as "Explores Uranus" in some references), was a computer game part of the Leisure Suit Larry series, which was in full development in 1998 until funding was cut. Shortly afterwards, Sierra's adventure games department was disbanded and Al Lowe left Sierra on February 22, 1999. Like the canned Space Quest sequel, Larry 8 was to be in full 3D, but no more than a few test renders now survive.[1] Due to Sierra's marketing rules at the time, the eighth Larry game would have dropped numerals altogether (as had Larry 7), and likely reason it was called "Leisure Suit Larry Explores Uranus" in the teaser, although its possible the teaser had little to do with the planned game but just to show off what the team could do to the management.[2]

The full title of the game, as well as its teaser, was referenced in Leisure Suit Larry: Love for Sail! triggered with an easter egg, as well as a teaser after completing the game.

Additional reference is made if you look at certain inaccessible decks on the ship. The game says those decks are reserved for LSL8: Lust in Space.

Essentially, Larry is captured by "amazonian warrior women" from a distant planet. They brainwash the perennially behind-the-times loser into believing he's in a disco paradise. Then, they plan to use Larry to father a race of alien-human hybrids to take over the earth. "When he finally woke up, he realized: he had to figure out what was going on, find a way to stop the invasion and literally save the planet!"[3]




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