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Leisure Suit Larry 5: Passionate Patti Does a Little Undercover Work
Developer(s) Sierra On-Line
Publisher(s) Sierra On-Line
Director(s) Al Lowe, Bill Davis
Producer(s) Guruka Singh Khalsa
Designer(s) Al Lowe
Lead Programmer(s) Brian K. Hughes
Lead Artist(s) Jane Cardinal
Composer(s) Craig Safan
Platform(s) MS-DOS, Amiga, Macintosh, Windows
Release(s) September 7, 1991
Genre(s) Point-and-click adventure
Mode(s) Single-player

Leisure Suit Larry 5: Passionate Patti Does a Little Undercover Work is the fourth entry in the Leisure Suit Larry series of graphical adventure games published by Sierra Entertainment. It is the first title in the series available for play on Macintosh, as well as to have 256-color graphics and a fully icon-based interface. The title of the game is misleading, as there is no Leisure Suit Larry 4.[1]


Leisure Suit Larry 5 expands on the multi-character feature of the previous installment, with control periodically passing between Larry and Patti.[1] The overall difficulty is greatly reduced in comparison with past games; neither character can become trapped or die, and losing the game is impossible.[1] Many of the items players collect on their journey are merely optional, and will not affect the game's progress.[1]


The absence of a "Leisure Suit Larry 4" forms the basis of this newest installment, as Julius Biggs has stolen the 'missing floppies' of the game and caused Larry Laffer to become amnesiac. Larry is now in the adult film industry, working for a mob-connected company known as PornProdCorp. His boss sends him across the United States to scout for models to appear in "America's Sexiest Home Videos".

Meanwhile, Patti is recruited by the FBI to dig up incriminating evidence on two record companies which are suspected of hiding subliminal messages in their songs. At the same time, PornProdCorp schemes to eliminate the competition in their industry by donating money to CANE (Conservatives Against nearly Everything).


Al Lowe has offered several reasons for the numbering discrepancy in the Leisure Suit Larry games, ranging from a scrapped sequel to an internal office prank.[1] In truth, a multiplayer Leisure Suit Larry game was apparently in the works, designed to be played over Sierra's burgeoning online service. The project was canceled due to hardware difficulties, inspiring Lowe to skip the "4" title entirely.[1]

Unlike the previous games in the series, Larry cannot die, and the game cannot be brought in an unwinnable state. Al Lowe stated that he intended this game to be an interactive cartoon, therefore explaining Leisure Suit Larry 5's lack of interactivity. This led to a marked departure from the black humor seen earlier in the series.


  • Executive Producer: Ken Williams
  • Producer: Guruka Singh Khalsa
  • Director / Designer: Al Lowe
  • Creative Director: Bill Davis
  • Lead Programming: Brian K. Hughes
  • Programming: Oliver Brelsford, Steve Conrad, Juan Carlos Escobar, John Hartin, Brian K. Hughes, Al Lowe
  • Music: Christopher Braymen, Al Lowe, Craig Safan
  • Music / Sound Programming: Mark Seibert
  • Graphics / Artwork: Jane Cardinal, Phyllis Cucchiara, Dana Moody, Terrence C. Falls, Jay Allan Friedmann, Gloria Garland, Roger Hardy Jr., Desie Hartman, Andy Hoyos, Marc Hudgins, Michael Hutchison, Eric Kasner, Cheryl Loyd, Maurice Morgan, Richard Powell, Jennifer Shontz, Barry T. Smith, Willis Wong, Karin Ann Young
  • Interpreter / Development System: Chad Bye, Steven Coallier, John Crane, Dan Foy, Robert Eric Heitman, Ken Koch, J. Mark Hood, Terry McHenry, Randy Moss, John Rettig, Larry Scott, Jeff Stephenson, Mark Wilden
  • Production: Andy Hoyos
  • Art Director: Jane Cardinal, Cheryl Loyd
  • Documentation: Josh Mandel
  • Manual Writers: Josh Mandel, Kurt Busch, Bridget McKenna, Al Lowe
  • Manual Design & Art: Stacy Holmes, Terry Robinson
  • Quality Assurance: Robin Bradley, Joseph Perry
  • Spanish Translation: Randall Mage


  • Leisure Suit Larry 5 Patch (LSL5_NRS): This non-Sierra update is one of NewRisingSun's script level timer bugs patches. Fixes:
    • Beginning: Text windows were appearing too quickly.
    • Mud wrestling scene.
    • NOTE: Previous saved games will work only if they were saved in an area whose script code is not affected by the patch.
  • Leisure Suit Larry 5 SoundBlaster Patch (486SBDRV): For Diskette versions of older games. Corrects "error 29, unable to initialize audio hardware". Updated driver works with faster systems using the SoundBlaster 16.
  • Leisure Suit Larry 5 Updated Sound Drivers (E29PATCH): This file contains two drivers that have been designed for compatibility with 486 systems, MTBLAST.DRV and SNDBLAST.DRV.
  • Leisure Suit Larry 5 - Copy Protection (LSL5COPY): Copy protection file for Leisure Suit Larry 5, the Sierra Originals version.
  • Leisure Suit Larry Collection DOSBox Update (LSLCollectionDBUpdate): This patch will allow the use of the greatly improved newer versions of DOSBox over the version 0.63 that shipped with the Collection. Also includes the NewRisingSun patches for lSL1VGA, LSL3 and LSL5. The patch also restores the missing install files to configure the games' settings. After running the update, you will find new shortcuts in the "Sierra\Leisure Suit Larry Collection" folder in the Start Menu. The launcher will no longer be needed. NOTE: If you do not have the latest DOSBox installed in "Program Files\DOSBox" for 32-bit Windows or "Program Files (x86)\DOSBox" for 64-bit Windows allow this updater to download and install the DOSBox for you.

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