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Leisure Suit Larry 2 - Island Tail

Leisure Suit Larry 2: Island Tale (also known as Leisure Suit Larry: Cocoa Butter) is an unfinished direct sequel to Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude. The game was produced by High Voltage Software, in conjunction with Vivendi Universal.


In late 2005, Target department stores (through online vendor Amazon.com) began accepting pre-orders for this game. It was being developed for personal computer, Sony PlayStation 2, Microsoft Xbox, and Sony PlayStation Portable systems. Many members of the production team for Magna Cum Laude returned for the sequel, including producer Josh VanVeld, and voice actors Tim Dadabo (Larry Lovage) & Melanie Harrison. Production was cancelled in 2006, before the game was completed.


It is believed the plot revolved around Larry Lovage journeying to the San Areolas Islands, with the main objective being; as in previous Larry games; to 'score' with as many women as possible.


The game was to have a simplified casual 'adventure' context-sensitive interface similar to the one used in Magna Cum Laude. The adventure aspects were limited to 'look' (eye), 'talk' (chat bubble) and 'interact' (hand).

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