Leisure Suit Larry's Sexy Pinball is a pinball games for mobile phones. It themed around Larry Lovage, and apparently only has one board (changes as objectives are made)


The player keeps a ball on a two screen tall scrolling board trying to score points to undress the woman at the center of the screen.

The girls are based on the ones in Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude.


The player has 3 balls to undress the girls in the center of the screen. Each girl has three stages first removing outer clothing then panties, then finally switching to a new girl. Every 160,000 points the player undresses a new girl. During the strip-tease, hearts appear on top of Larry's head.

Boobs Bumpers: 100 points every time the player touches them.

Condom Ramp:

1st time: 1000 points

2nd time: 2000 points

3rd time: 5000 points

Grid Ramp:

1st time: 2000 points

2nd time: 4000 points

3rd time: 8000 points

4th time: 16,000 points

Long Ramp:

Obtain 4000 points each time the player takes the far ramp.

"Sex" Letters:

Turn on the letters of the word "sex" to obtain 5000 points.

Bonus Hole:

Aim for the bonus hole and turn on the letters "Larry" to activate the blockers. You will obtain 500 points when you reach the hole and 2000 when you have turned on all the letters.

Larry's Head:

Make the ball enter Larry's mouth to obtain 500 points.


Obtain an extra ball by winning the lottery.

Extra Ball:

To obtain an extra ball, beat the highest score.

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