Lefty is a bartender of Lefty's Tavern (aka Left's Bar) and Lefty's Bar (WDDD) he is based on the original Lefty from LSL1AGI.


Lefty is descended from immigrants including Leftie Niederelz who came to America in 1887. He is also the great-grandson of Sam "Lefty" Andreas who owned a saloon in 1888.


In 1987, he is not married, and has an old girlfriend, and possibly a new one Lefty's Babe.

Wet Dreams Don't DryEdit

In 2018, he struggles to keep Lefty's Bar afloat and avoid being bought out by Prune, Inc..


He has a brother named Righty, and sister named Laverne Middler.[1]

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Behind the scenesEdit


Lefty is based on the Bartender in Softporn Adventure and Lefty from the earlier versions of LSL1. He is voiced by Greg Chun.

Lefty is a nickname passed down among the Andreas family, therefore its not known what Lefty's first name actually is. It could be Sam like his great-grandfather.

Technically Lefty's last name is not known just that he's the great grandson of Sam Andreas, but that's not clear if that's through his father's side (which he would retain last name Andreas most likeley) or if it branched off from his mother's or one of his female ancestors on either side (which he would have had a different last name).


Lefty appears to be based as a mix between bald Lefties from EGA and VGA Larry 1 with elements of the Lefty from LSL Reloaded (goatee, mustache and high forehead). The colors and designs of Lefty's bar are based on teh EGA version of LSL1.

Technically his last name is not known he just happens to bring up ancestor named Niederelz. the time periods for Sam Andreas and Leftie Niederelz are around the same time assuming they were both ancestors.

WDDD's lefty appears to be visually based on Lefty from Reloaded.


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