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Lefty's Lounge is the bar  in Lost Wages owned by Lefty and found in LSL1EGA (as it is called in LSl1EGA & LSL2 manuals). It is also referred to as Lefty's Bar in the LSL1 Hintbook.


Lefty's was a bar Larry visited and began his adventures as a Lounge Lizard in LSl1 that exists within the Sierra World. It is the sleaziest bar Larry had ever been in, and he had been in quite a few.

In a strange paradox in LSL3; Larry and Patti escaped the game world and traveled across time and space ending up in Sierra Studios in the mid 1980's where he helped design his own game, and thus inventing Lefty's (he had thought about naming it Louie's or Lois', but by the suggestion of Patti named it Lefty's thus essentially becoming his own creator). Lefty's was born.

It had a moose head (from King's Quest III) a Wurlitzer jukebox, a dirty Rest Room. On the right there is a naugahyde door (Larry wonders how many naugas had to die for it) and behind it, a mini brothel with a hooker, guarded by a pimp. Ken was a patron.

It serves

  • wine ("May I please have a glass of your delicate white zinfandel, sir?") which is "impudent and sassy, with the slightest hint of impertinence"
  • beer ("Gimme a mug o' beer!") which Larry downs in his pseudo-macho style, and slams the mug back on the bar.
  • whiskey ("I'll have a glass of your finest well whiskey!") which which burns, and Larry bowed to never again buy a "well" brand

Lefty does not sell sissy drinks or light beer. Lefty's closes when the clock is at 3:00 am


Toilet had several graffiti like

  • Scott me up, Beamie!
  • Attention arcade game players: please don't eat the urinal cakes!
  • It takes leather balls to play rugby
  • The password is: 'Ken sent me.' (This was intended to be a reference to Ken Williams.)

A hidden password not found in the graffit is 'Al sent me.' (This is a reference to Al Lowe.)

Behind the scenes[]

Lefty's Lounge appears in LSL1 and at the end of LSL3. Lefty's Bar (LSL1SCI) appears in LSL1SCI. The term "Lefty's Bar" also appears in LSL6.

The main bar in Lefty's Bar (WDDD) is inspired by the room as it appears in LSL1AGI.