Lawrence Lovage is the name of Larry Lovage's grandfather (and also his Uncle Larry Laffer), and possibly his own name as well.


Behind the scenesEdit

Larry Lovage speaks of his 'Grandpa' in two lines in Magna Cum Laude at least once referring Grandpa Lawrence, and another he refers to Grandpa Lovage. It is unknown if this is the same person, or seperate persons. If seperate persons it would be unknown which side of the family Lawrence is on, if on the Laffer or the Lovage side of the family.

As Larry Lovage is apparently the son of Larry's brother (or sister?). This could mean that if "Lawrence" was "Lawrence Laffer", this would likely make him Larry Laffer's father. However, his known father is said to be Bartholomew Laffer, although there are also some rumors to suggest that his "real" father is Al Lowe. However, the Laffer side of the family naming their descendants Larry or Lawrence appears to be a bit of a tradition going back possibly to the 1800's (Dwight L. Laffer) assuming L. stands for Larry or Lawrence. If Bartholomew has a middle name Lawrence, or if they are brothers is unknown. IT would certainly complicate their relationships (since some of these possibilities would make Larry and Larry second cousins, and not necessarily uncle and nephew)

In worst case scenario his uncle is his grandpa ('time travel' and all that) much the same way that Zircon Jim Laffer was both 'great-great' Granpappy and uncle to Larry Laffer.

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