Larry begins waking up in a factory. The last things he remembers is taking a women he calls Babe, back to his house, or her house, or a hotel, and being tied to a bed and possibly being abducted by aliens. He also remembers filling a sex doll with helium and chasing after it, and after patching it using it to fly through the sky to one of his goals.

Behind the scenesEdit

According to the developers Larry is based more closely on his LSL1-3 version. Where he is generally as tall as most characters in the game (with the exception of larger characters like the thug).

Well, it depends which Larry you mean and wich one is your favorite character. We try to make a Larry game based on the "original" Larry, so Larry 1. Larry was a normal guy, but a small person with a belly. That's we our Larry look more like the Larry from Larry 1 (and also 2-3).

Larry isn't drawn shorter than the women until roughly around LarryVGA remake, and Larry 5. He's even shorter in Larry 7. In each of those games the women tend to be much taller than he is.

It seemed from game play video showing the first part of the game, it seemed that this game was set roughly after Larry II or Larry III. Lefty even points out that he knows Larry, and that he remembers Larry being fatter, which seemed to be a reference to the magical makeover at the end of Leisure Suit Larry II, in which the witch doctor made Larry much more handsome "taller" and skinnier.[1] However according to Larry on Facebook he mentions that his adventure takes place between the night of Larry 1 (the 'one night stand' according to Larry 2), and the start of Larry 2 where traveled to Eve's house (though its not clear how much time has actually passed, perhaps a few months). At least from the very early gameplay footage it seems that Larry has undergone some kind of physical change from his appearance in LSL1 original vs his appearance in WDDD, and Lefty even states that he appears to have lost weight ('less chubby'), even though he points out that its odd that Larry doesn't appear to have aged.[2] The reference to him retiring to an 'exotic island' might be a nod events of LSL2/LSL3, though from Larry's perspective those events have not yet happened.

Also according to Larry on Facebook;

Larry Laffer I was always normal hight. Also in the original games back in the 80s. Later on i went to a smaller dude and gained a lot of weight. Thanks god i am back in shape...[3]

Larry remembers being on a date with someone he calls "Babe" but doesn't remember her name (if this was a reference to Eve or some other random woman between games it is not known). He remembers going to a her house, or his or some hotel, but his memory is hazy. He only seems to remember being handcuffed, or blanking out, and not knowing what happened exactly (and potentially able to blame it on aliens).

In certain parts Larry appears in his 1987 AGI version, and on Nari's clothing. Though his flashback of Lefty's bathroom is a very different location than in the original AGI bathroom (indicating flawed memories or an alternate past).


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