Koko is a French mime, appearing in Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude. Koko is voiced by Sarah Fisher.


Larry later learns that she is not French but from North Dakota and is a transvestite and/or transsexual (but it is never entirely specified but these are the terms used in the game under other circumstances).

Koko uses initially uses a female voice but reverts into a deeper 'masculine' voice after "he" propositions Larry Lovage to give him a blow job. Koko's male genitalia is stressed, especially by these comments in the Strategy Guide;

Just when you thought you were going to tuna town, you hit hot dog city. That shock is enough to make any man weep and take a long, burning-hot shower.
You got a jumbo wiener as a token of affection, but let’s try to forget this incident, shall we?
Then she unloads her package on you, causing you to assume the fetal position in the corner. Even a hot shower won’t wash away the memories of this encounter.


Note: Koko also has a nude appearance that shows off full genatalia (including a penis), but this is not allowed on wikia.

voiced by Sarah Fisher.
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