Ken Williams is the husband of Roberta Williams and was the CEO of Sierra On-Line. He sometimes goes by the name Ken W.


Ken Williams shows up at the end of LSL1AGI to promote the sequel that hasn't been made yet (but will at some future point). Ken Williams and his wife are famous software programmers and tycoons in Larry's world. He has been a fan of them for a very long time.[1] He and his wife are given a table and served by the Maitre d' in LSL2. At the end of Leisure Suit Larry 3 Larry is hired into Ken's company by his wife and he is Larry's boss during Leisure Suit Larry: Love for Sail Mobile (set during the LSL4 time period).

He appears in Larry 1 SCI in a closet trying to sell sequels to the game. He mentions if he knew where Leisure Suit Larry 4: The Missing Floppies, he'd sell it as well.

It is said that while Larry knew Ken personally, Captain Thygh knew Ken Williams Biblically. His picture appears on the wall to her cabin along with past Thyghsman trophy winners.

Due to magic based time travel/interdimensional travel in the series (instigated by Larry and Patti in LSL3), there may be in fact be several different Kens... While its not clear if Ken has traveled back in time creating multiple parallel versions of himself around the world (explaining the bad mouthed Ken, Keneewauwau, and CEO Ken Williams dopplegangers Larry encountered throughout his adventures). Some of these Kens appear to exist in the same universe, but others such as the Williams at the end of LSL3 may be in a parallel universe  (Peter Spear seems to suggest the possibility of the latter). LSL1 AGI calls the game universe in which Larry initially exists within and acknowledges Sierra World. Alternatively since Larry is essentially his own creator as shown in LSL3 constructing his own universe in a time/dimensional paradox he may be the cause of all the various Kens as well programming into his game (pocket universe).

Reloaded UniverseEdit

Larry apparently again encounters Ken W (a variant on the character Ken) in the Reloade game universe (no longer within the Sierra World). He was someone Larry knew from his distant past, and who is familiar to him, but lonely. He is said to be a master storyteller.


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