Ken W (or Ken Williams as he is better known) is a lonely bar patron at Lefty's in Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded.


Ken still appears to be around in the Reloaded universe; Ken Sent Me is still  the password to be let into Lefty's Hotel by Prodigious P. It is noted that the character in the bar looks like someone from Larry's distant past (although this is also explained that he is only familiar because he looks like he is suffering from loneliness, something Larry knows all too well). 

If its 'familiar' as in Larry has encountered Ken in his meta-game past like in LSL1SCI and worked for him following LSL3; Larry has yet again returned to the game universe  (Larry and the Missing Floppies are still missing) but no longer the Sierra World; and is reliving an alternate retelling of his original adventure (Al Lowe appears in the game as a character aware that the game world is "Reloaded', much as the role of Ken Williams in the SCI remake).

Behind the scenesEdit

Ken W is also the name for Ken Williams (the owner of Sierra Online). Ken W also appears in Leisure Suit Larry: Love for Sail Mobile.

This time around "Ken" (or Kenny as he is known in LSL6) the bar patron is more specifically tied to Ken Williams rather than just a spoof. He is listed as Ken W in the credits, and it mentions he is a 'master story teller' (a term better fits his wife Roberta).

In the original series the Ken in Lefty's (and who appears once in each game) was more of a doppleganger of the more successful Ken Williams (who also made appearance in a few games as himself). The loudmouthed Ken could be found with completely new positions in life in each game. LSLR reloaded essentially merges the two individual versions into a single character.

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