"K-RAP Radio, eh? It's a great place--if you like rap!"
Bobby Bang
K-RAP (1709 Hillview Vista Philadelphia, PA) is a radio company. It was founded by John Krapper. It had been presented a statuette for excellence in broadcasting. It is the headquarters of P.C. Hammer (Access code: 45954) and 2 Live 2 Screw.

The building is tall, has a tiny top floor stretching hundreds of feet down the hillside, in a series of cascading terraces, gardens and patios. It has a fountain with a huge statue of the King and Queen of RnR Barry Manilow and Connie Stevens.

Patti investigated the building since the FBI knew that some "Julius" was behind it, and was worried by the recent flood of obscene rap recordings. Inspector Desmond believed such records were used by the Mob to undermine the moral fiber of the youth. The recent unjustified string of hits by 2L2S convinced him that the place was a center of Mob involvement.

K-RAP became a national sensation when they expanded by buying a small television station outside of Atlanta and a 24-hour satellite channel. "K-TV--More Rap, Less Wrap!".

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