Julius Bigg (aka Mr. Big/Mr. Bigg) is a major West Coast corporate leader (though his influence reaches to East Coast as well), a media mogul and drug kingpin.


He owns the Piano Pit and is behind PornProdCorp, K-RAP and des Rever Records.

His groups resolved to subliminal messages in LPs. Despite the introduction of quadraphonic, Vinnie reported that his "Just Do Drugs" campaign continued to be successful. However things were not so bright for his pornography division. As Bruno aid, after 25 years of positive ROI, sales dropped. His group resolved to rap music, hoping that pornographic lyric would push the teenagers to sales of his product line but this didn't remedy the damage done by cable TV. In the early 80s nobody bought his X-rated VCR movies even with the lowered prices.

He was to produce Larry 4 but after Patti wrote the soundtrack, he erased the floppies to keep from paying her and so Larry 4 never came to be.

For months he had 'minions' out hunting for The Sexiest Woman in America which 6 months later became the talk of the media. In order to eliminate competition, he acted against the pornographic industry. Bruno had discovered a hyper-active political committee called Conservatives Against Nearly Everything which Bigg bribed to clean the airwaves.

On Capitol Hill, Washington Senate hearings occurred on pornography in the entertainment industry. He testified to convince Congress to create tough, anti-pornography legislation in order to make the airwaves Beaver clean again (as they were back in the 50s).

Later he was a guest in the White House for the dinner honoring Larry Laffer. He sat next to Patti and attempted to know her better. He was so impressed by her that he offered her to have the gig for TSWIA.

This however alerted Larry, and he realized that he is the money behind the show. Patti then realized that he was humming the love theme she wrote for Larry 4.

Enraged Bigg pulled out a gun to which Larry heroically responded by jumping on Dan Quayle and push him into his custard cake; but Patti neutralized him with Dr. Twit's exploding bra. He was then arrested by Desmond.

After a lengthy trial (that increased tabloid sales nationwide), related to his incident at the dinner, in what was dubbed the "custard pie" defense, he pleaded "temporary insanity due to the high sugar content of those White House desserts"; he got off innocent of all charges, with a mild reprimand from the judge and six months of mandatory Jenny Craig meetings.

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