Jenna was Larry Laffer's main conquest during Leisure Suit Larry: Love for Sail Mobile during the LSL4 time period while Larry was working at Sierra Studios. She truly fell in love with him, although Larry may only have been sexually attracted to her.


Jenna was intended to be the assistant to Al Lowe who was going on vacation in the Manyanga Islands, and help him win a local contest there, and prepare for a jazz session. However after a mix-up she ended up becoming Larry's assistant instead. Larry constantly tried to pick up on her, but she wasn't interested at first but slowly warmed up to him, and ultimately fell in love. Larry had to finally win her affections and protect her honor during a dance off with Johnny Traviata. After Larry saved his job at Sierra Studios she moved there, and was hired; giving her the chance to be close to her love Larry. 

It is not clear how she affected his relationship with Passionate Patti during that period (though he apparently cheating on her with many other women on his work trips and vacations; including Suzanne, Julie, Kathy & Jane shortly before events of LFSM). However, it appears they might have already broken up the beginning of LFSM as by then Larry was living in an apartment alone, and no longer at Bass Lake. It seems more than likely that while she loved Larry, Larry probably didn't love her the same way back, and his attraction was purely sexual in nature. It was not long after that he disappeared from Sierra along with the the missing floppies of LSL4. By the time he reappeared he was no longer dating Jenna. Following a trip into an alternate Lost Wages, Larry soon was working at PornProdCorp and Jenna was not seen again.

Behind the scenesEdit

Jenna wears something different in almost every scene she appears in (see Jenna's wardrobe). Ann-J is her stripper alias.

Jenna is based off of Jenna Jameson. While there is very little nudity in LFSM, Jenna is partially nude in her guise as Ann-J.

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