She is the niece of the antagonist of the game.

One of the women Larry Lovage to interact with in Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude, is Ione who introduces herself as being into feminist poetry, though many men do not like that. Larry responds that “well, feminism is a waste of time…but it’s cool that you are into poetry.” As part of a chat game,he recites a poem that mocks feminism. If the player completes the game successfully, Ione declares it “brilliant.” Ione agree to go play quarters, a drinking game, with Larry (which triggers another minigame). If he wins, she gets drunk and they they go back to her room. He talks her into letting him give her a makeover.

After this, Ione becomes “stimulated” and asks Larry to have sex with her using a strap-on dildo. She explains that she’s never had sex with a man before, as she’s saving herself for someone she finds attractive, and “this way I get to have the experience with a man, but still keep my virginity.” He agrees (though the scene is blacked out), though keeps insisting on using “the real thing.” When the lights come one (as her roommate enters), it is revealed that he put the strap-on on a teddy bear. The player then earns a “token of affection,” a trophy in the form of a teddy bear head. After the scene at the Spartacus Gay Bar, Ione reveals that after her encounter with Larry she found herself attracted to her bisexual roommate Luba. The game then shows Ione and Luba having drunken sex while Larry watches. He interrupts after stripping, though insisting it shouldn’t matter because he’s gay. Ione runs out of the room screaming and Luba passes out drunk on the bed. When the scene ends, Larry gets another “token” in the form of a double-ended dildo.


Note: Ione is a character who can be shown completely naked in the game in certain versions. This wiki is not allowed to show full nudity.

Behind the scenesEdit

Ione like Kalalau in the original Larry Laffer series is another example of the stereotype trope of female turning lesbian due to encounter with terrible situation and nightmare fuel induced by the actions of a man.

In this trope a heterosexual switches to a lesbian sexuality as if its something 'easily' changeable or at least changeable due to traumatic experience.

Ione counts as two different girls in the game. Ione and Lesbian Ione.

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