'To: Larry Lovage'

'Scruemall Hall'

'Walnut Log Community College'

'Hello, Nephew! This is your uncle Larry; Larry Laffer. Remember me?'

'You used to love hearing all about my romantic exploits back in the'

'’80s and ’90s.'

'When I heard you were going to college, I just had to write.You’re'

'coming of age, my boy, and I’m just the guy to give you a few pointers'

'on life—and on making it with the babes.'

' '

'In fact, I think they should let me teach at that college. I could give a course in'

'Chickology— how to get chicks. Of course, I’d always grade on the curve...'

' '

'I hear that hot dating show Swingles is on campus looking for contestants. This is the'

'perfect chance to prove yourself! If you can show them you’re a real swinger, they’ll have'

' '

'to let you on the show. And that means more and better chances to score.'

'So look out, all you foxy chicks—Leisure Suit Larry is steppin’ out again!'

' '

' '

'Uncle Larry'




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