Heterosexual refers to individuals who are attracted to 'opposite sex'. Slang in the games and series includes "hetero" and "straight".


One of Larry Laffer's turn-offs is men; As he says; " your hearts out guys, but this stud swings only on a one-way street.[1]

Some quotes.

In LSL1 used in the quiz.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind\" is about:
a. politics in third-world countries.
b. homo- and heterosexual sex.
c. creatures from outer space.
d. a bicycle race across Alaska."

  • Better not, Larry! This guy looks big, strong and hetero!
  • For just a moment, you have the feeling that tree is the only thing in Hollywood that's straight!
  • Gay? Lesbian? Divorced? Single? Widowed? Depressed? Sorry, but the `Blecchnaven Center' offers weekly seminars for happy, straight couples only.
  • She was straight, now she turned gay, oh, oh Lesbian Nights, oh well oh well oh well oh HUH! Tell me more, tell me more!
  • She was straight, now she turned gay, ohhh, oh, those Lesbian Nights! Tell me more, tell me more!
  • Well, let's not stereotype. I'm sure lotsa straight guys love to give makeovers, right?
  • You're straight, Larry. You don't enjoy touching someone else's...rooster.


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