Graham is the King of Daventry, and father of Rosella.


Sir Graham was being fixed up in the underground factory in LSL1EGA, after Larry was beat up by the Thug. His arm and neck motion were being checked over Roberta Williams. He is a friend of Larry's, and Larry met him while playing various Hoyle card games. A Mask reminds Larry of the one from his friend Graham.

However at the time Larry was playing card games Graham found his tales to be unbelievable at best and foolishness at worst. He wondered how Larry expected him to believe him. even more so Graham became weary of Larry's incessant ramblings; and asked him to kindly shut up. Larry was interested in Grahams questing in so much that that Dragon hunting could be used to meet new woman.

Larry saw Grahams clothes or costume in Sierra studio.

The Dragon is one of Graham's adversaries.

Behind the scenesEdit

The mask is a knockoff off the "Mask of Eternity" from KQ8.

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