Gary Fairy is the towel boy at La Costa Lotta's spa.


The spa's towel boy. Gay, queer, and proud of it. He has a crush on Larry Laffer, and "Wants him in the worst way, possible." Ya, no kidding!.[1] He's a man's kinda man! (a gay man's man).[2] If Larry talk's to Gary, that's HIS business!

Gary, the gay boy, works the counter of the Health Spa Lobby. He "wants you in the worst way possible!" Larry thinks, "That IS the worst way possible!" Larry is able to get a town from him from the towel rack on the back wall, after walking up to Gary's counter, chatting with him a little, "sign in" to the towel register book, and then taking the tower offered to him by Gary.[3]


His character is a flamboyant gay stereotype.


  • The Towel Boy

Behind the scenes

He is played by Jeff Bennett.


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