The father of Larry Lovage is mentioned throughout LSL8MCL, and a few times in LSL9BOB. The husband of Mama Lovage.


Apparently sometime between MCL and BOB Larry Lovage accidently killed his father in a chocolate fountain. Otherwise he would have still been proud of his son helping defeat Kip Whiteman. Lovage was sad his father was gone, but wanted to still make him prouder from beyond the grave.

Western DreamscapeEdit

Western Larry offers a backstory for his western character (an ancestor of Larry Lovage or simply a role in a movie). He is said to be  half-breed sherrif.

Behind the scenesEdit

It is unclear which family tree Mr. Lovage comes from. It is possible that he is a half-brother of Larry Laffer, born from one of Larry's father's (assuming hsi father isn't Al Lowe) other conquests (and Mr. Lovage took on the last name of his mother). It is known that they were still together at the time of MCL, and his son Larry apparently often in contact with him, and asking for support.

There is a reference to Larry's grandfather named Lawrence although it is not clear if this is from the Laffer or the Lovage side of the family (so its not known if Lawrence was father of Mr. Lovage or Mrs. Lovage). But the name Lawrence does seem to be more of a tradition in the Laffer side of the family. Which could suggest that is actually Lawrence Laffer and father of Larry Laffer (and either father of Mr. Lovage through one of his conquests, or father of Mrs. Lovage if she is a sister or half-sister of Larry Laffer).

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