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Eve is a woman living in a penthouse across from Adam's Penthouse in another tower.



Behind the scenes[]

Eve's appearance is roughly closer to that of the Eve in LSL1EGA; she appears caucasian or possibly latino. She has dark raven colored hair,  with dark almond eyes with contrasting dark green or grey coloring.

Eve is portrayed a bit more of a horny and lustful woman in LSLR, vain and beautiful. She has perfect face and body proportions and she knows it. She makes a point that she doesn't care who she has sex with, and that she has no standards.  Just as long as she can have some sex that night, Larry will do (even if he only has a 2.5 inch penis and is a little dysfunctional). She is into kinky and pervy sex but only if she is in the mood.

She is particulary aware of the Narrator and reponds back to him and Larry in both snarky and suggestive ways.