Eunuchs is a computer operating system created by Larry Laffer.


Larry Laffer created this OS in Assembly language on the sacred PeeSee, in order to impress Keneewauwau and be admitted him as a member of the Nontoonyt natives.

Eunuchs is a public domain multitasking, multiuser and multi-ply operating system for 8088 computers. It also features a mouse driven graphical interface.

As his son-in-law, Larry provided lessons of Eunuchs in the Nontoonyt Island Computer Center in the Downtown Nontoonyt Mall.

Behind the scenesEdit

Eunuchs is a pun on the operating system Unix. Unix is in turn derived from the operating system Multics, and also a pun on the word "eunuchs" as it was designed to be "a castrated Multics".

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