7-5 Drew Baringmore
Drew Baringmore

Drew Baringmore is an author who happens to be a nudist. She knows a lot about history and has even written a few history books herself. Her name is a portmanteau of celebrity Drew Barrymore's name and the phrase "baring more".

Leisure Suit Larry: Love for Sail!Edit

Drew makes her first appearance in Leisure Suit Larry: Love for Sail!, where she is found sunbathing by the Clothing Optional Pool. At the library, Larry finds that Drew Baringmore has written a book on Anton Fokker. He skims through the book and uses the knowledge gleamed from it to impress her. Drew had the cabin boy lock up her suitcase so that she would be unable to get her clothes. After Larry gets her suitcase, Larry and Drew return to Room Zero. Unfortunately for him, Drew has to take a shower to get the suntan lotion off. She will never come out unless Larry flushes the toilet. Unfortunately, this causes the water temperature to change drastically, causing her to leap out of the shower in shock. Furious, she calls him a "bastard" and leaves.

As (or after) Drew uses the shower, mold will form inside.

Leisure Suit Larry's CasinoEdit

Drew is a selectable persona in Leisure Suit Larry's Casino.

Behind the scenesEdit

Drew egg #1 Trigger: Click on the pesky branch, select Other, and type "push". Payoff: The branch will move, displaying Drew's attributes.

Drew egg #2 Trigger: Try to use the orgasmic powder on Drew's Gigantic Erection. Then click on the Gigantic Erection and try to drink it. Payoff: When Drew stands up to walk to your cabin, Larry won't block Your view.

Drew egg #3 Trigger: After the Juggs' concert, return to the lounge. Climb up on stage, then walk to the next screen west. Click on the mixer, select Other, and type "feel". You will receive a set of earplugs. Payoff: The next time you talk to Drew, you will be unable to hear her demand that you look in her eyes, and will therefore continue to look downwards.

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