Commander twit

Commander Twit is a man more dedicated to science than to his self-image. He is the head of the FBI Office of Agent Field Equipment. Desmond introduced Twit to Patti in Technical Laboratory, and Twit toured her around the lab, giving her information: namely Dr. Rolfing's infrared, heat-seeking, surface-to-air vibrator (a protective device against certain types of enemy agents) as well as their latest Title 9-funded developments: the hair-trigger, double-barreled, armor-piercing brassiere cannon. He then explained a high-yield, space-age polymer, macrobiotic, flatulence-inducing powder (when it wil be necessary to destabilize a public leader by humiliating him during a major public appearance or state function).

He took care of her mission-required indoctrination paperwork, assigning to her a contact telephone number, a computer account number, E-mail ID number, official password, security clearance, and codename "Agent 88". Then he introduced her to staff gynecologist Dr. Phil Hopian for her Official Departmental Medical Checkup in order to be fit with a Safety First Field Locator Device. He also set for her a limousine.

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